Bryan "Bunny" Franco (born 3/25/1994) is a 22 year old Guatemalan muser from Brooklyn, New york. He makes comedy musical.lys every day and has over 600,000 fans. He has several social media accounts including: facebook, twitter, instagram,, and snapchat.

Early life Edit

In high school, he wanted to be an actor. He was inspired to join Vine by Rudy Mancusoand Thomas Sanders. In May 2015, he started making original comedy videos on Vine. He then joined in September 2015 after seeing a post by fellow muser and Viner Allicattt.

Career Edit

In June 2015, he opened his MindOfBun YouTube channel to accompany his account. He earned the nickname "Bunny" from his friend Fabian "Squirrel" Ruiz while they were practicing parkour.

Family Life Edit

He was born in Brooklyn and raised in Ridgewood, Queens. He has two older brothers, Mario and Kenny.

Trivia Edit

His lip sync videos often feature audio by stars like Vine's Liza Koshy and Gabrielle Hanna.

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