Carolyn Borock (born 4/8/1998) better known by her social media name PerksofBeingCarolyn. Carolyn, boasts an amazing over 210,000 fans. Her youtube channel as well as instagram and YouNow, are popular for tutorials.

Before Fame Edit

In high school she was interested in carpentry. She became famous on in September 2015

Career Edit

She had over 3 million hearts within the first year of being featured on the popular music app.

Family Life Edit

Her real name is Carolyn Borock, but she is more commonly known as PerksofBeingCarolyn on social media. She was adopted in 2003 from Vilijandi, Estonia. She was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated high school at Science Leadership Academy in 2016.

Relationships Edit

While she was once in a relationship with Ramiro, Carolyn is now in a very commited relationship with MindofBun.

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